Clement no. 1, 1891

This small French Clément (Paris, France) has serial number 22737.
The bicycle is very original and features some interesting details, like adjustable bracket for chain tensioning and hollow rims. Seat tube is bend, to make a shorter frame. It is still fitted with the original cushion tyres and owner wants to leave it that way. Good! Look at the original pedals!

Lamp and saddle are not original and will be replaced. Brake lever and spoon are missing (so is the front mudguard), but these parts should be the same as seen on the Clement cross-frame.

I also found some pages from the Clément 1892 catalogue. It shows No. 1 with the ball head (like the bicycle in the pictures) but these bikes do not have hollow rims. The catalogue of 1893 doesn't feature models with a bent seat tube any more. That's why I think this bicycle is the 1891 model (alas, I don't have copies of the 1891 catalogue).  
The Clement No 2 of 1892 doesn't have a ball head, but the rest is very similar, click here for pictures.  

I made a page about the Clément serial numbers. Click here.